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Desperate Measures

The Oui two-weeks Desperate Measures Program is a great way to start. But the trick is you must stick to the program. It’s only 14 days so, yes you can do it! You won’t go hungry, but you will eat a little differently than what you are used to.

Oui Secret is a total health and fitness solution that helps you achieve your ultimate fitness goals through ♦ Workout Programs that consist of effective exercises with video demonstrations ♦ Cardio Programs that combine with your workout program to achieve optimal results ♦ Your own Online Personal Trainer to provide support, and motivate and guide you every step of the way ♦ Healthy Eating Plans are not diets but a way of life to get the body you’ve always wanted ♦ Recipes with over 200 easy to prepare, tasty ideas keeping your Healthy Lifestyle Eating Plan interesting.

Simply select the online personal trainer you wish to train with and click on Add to Cart. You can nominate a start date to commence your fitness program, you must however commence within 14 days from the subscription date.

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AUD $159.00