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How do you get through the fierce cravings leading up to an event?

Penny Lomas:

If I'm craving something sweet I will add organic cinnamon to some of my foods. I like adding it to my long black coffees; sprinkling it on sweet potato; adding it to curries and stirfries; and putting 2-3 tablespoons to my green veggie smoothies to give me a chai-spiced hit!

Not only does cinnamon help curb sugar cravings, it is also an excellent cortisol and insulin management tool. If this doesn't hit the spot I will have 30g organic dark chocolate; it is a great way to get your required antioxidants and I have 99% dark which is super strong so you don't need a lot. Or a tablespoon of cacao powder in hot water with stevia makes a nice, clean hot chocolate. If I am craving something savoury I will recreate it in a Paleo version so it's not too far off my meal plan. I know my body so well that if I am craving something it's usually because I'm running low on carbs, so I always make sure I am hitting my adequate carb intaketo manage my cravings.

Skye Cushway:

I have a little supply of sugar-free lollies and chewing gum in my cupboard for these times! Sometimes you just want taste so these are my little lifesavers. I also have a big cup of green tea or herbal tea with stevia and that usually hits the spot! Or I make some diet jelly! Another thing that fills me up and satisfies me when I'm dieting is having a huge glass of soda water with a dash of diet cola and a squeeze of fresh lime and lemon. On top of this, keeping busy can often help me resist cravings. Wehave to use mind power to overcome this during the times you want to eat the world! You should be eating enough to survive, so it is just your mind wanting to satisfy the boredom. Get busy doing something: do your nails, go for a walk or call a friend. Tell yourself you CAN eat whatever you want, it's just you CHOOSE not to right now! That helps heaps; if you convince yourself you want something you will want it, so choose your words wisely. Another thing that works is standing naked in front of the mirror – by doing this I can guarantee you won't want that chocolate bar!

Lesley Maxwell:

If you give your body the macronutrients it really needs then you don't crave for anything! I never allow myself to become over-hungry - by eating five or six meals per day and always including protein and good fats in my diet.

Even leading right up to competition I still eat whole eggs and almond butter every day, too! I believe in 'eating your way to comp' and feeling in the best health of your life. If I have cravings for something sweet I'll just have a square or two of dark chocolate after a proper meal and this makes me feel like I'm not missing out on anything. I would rather throw in an extra walk or two to burn the extra calories than do too much cutting back with food. You'll also find that by nourishing your body instead of cutting back too much, you won't have post-competition blowouts - but that's another story.

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