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Journey To Get The Body I Want - by Julie Gooch

Age: 41. Job: Hmm well that's a bit more tricky. I'm a final year law student, I work two days per week as a law clerk, I am a farm hand and I drive trucks.

I have always been very physically active. At 17 I became a fitness leader and have remained so ever since, but as I got older 'life' got in the way and I lost direction. Through my 30s I tried but it just all seemed so hard. Finally I decided what I needed was a personal trainer. I was at the gym one day and I found an Oxygen magazine, I started flicking through the pages, and I saw a picture of Lesley. I noticed that she had won the US figure title at 53. I was inspired by what she had written. So I contacted her and we began. From the beginning I found Lesley very motivating. She is always there if you have a question or if you're feeling a bit lazy or you're heading for the lolly isle in the supermarket.

Having said that I'm not sure that I have been the easiest of clients, as I'm always off doing something which gets in the way of training and is a challenge to clean eating. But with Lesley's motivation and support, instead of throwing in the towel and deciding that it's all too hard, I found a way around all the obstacles that life has thrown me this year.

Due to my work and study commitments getting to the gym isn't always easy. So if you can't get to the gym, just improvise. For example, dips on the side of the truck work well, as do lunges, bicep curls, shoulder presses, front raises etc. with anything heavy that you can find from the tool boxes. Sprints down the side of the truck for interval training, pushups underneath etc… well the list is endless really.

Horse riding is also great cardio, especially at the trot, or if they've escaped and they think its a great joke to play chasey and your IT. My partner is also very supportive and whenever I try Julie Gooch to wiggle out of a farm job that I don't want to do, he simply asks how my training is going that day and wouldn't it be really great to add chopping wood, picking up a few hundred lambs or fencing to my day for a great cardio workout!

Lesley's programme allows for life to be incorporated into it. This is not only liberating, but practical. It also illustrates that there are no excuses. Lesley's motivation, attention to detail, personal touch, support, emphasis on organization (especially on clean eating), a little creative thinking allows great results to be achieved both mentally and physically. Thanks Lesley.

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