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Fit But Fat - by Lisa Morby

When I started I was fit fat. I exercised all the time (running, sprints, hill, running, step running, gym workouts, super circuit) and ate healthy, healthy (no wheat, yeast, dairy, sugar, low GI) and yet I couldn't budge the fat for 3 years! I didn't know I was training and eating wrong to lean and build muscle!

During this time I had decided to register for the Get the Edge Workshops with Lindy Olsen, Marie McCarter, Greg Dolman and David Salamon. I attended 1x in 2011 and 2x in 2012. These Get the Edge Workshops opened my eyes to the idea of competing in figure body building competitions, the attitude and philosophy of ANB of how to be a natural competitor and to 'be the best you can be.'

So I was inspired to begin training in our home gym and without any prior knowledge of body building or gym workouts. I initially self trained myself, which I don't recommend, so was fortunate to become a member of Oui Fitness and joined in January 2013. Lesley Maxwell retrained me mentally and physically on how to eat clean, engage in fat burning exercise and train correctly in the gym – all via her online website, emails and telephone calls as I live in regional SA and Lesley in Melbourne, which was more successful than I could ever have imagined. A wonderful journey not to be missed!

I joined with Lesley with my goals of one day being able to wear a bikini, look as good as Lesley does, and to compete in September 2013 at the State Figure Body Building competitions. I was unprepared but ready for the big changes the journey with Lesley would take me on!

I had been time poor, so I focussed on the important things – family, our family owned business, and my training. Everything else was given little time or deleted from my lifestyle. I love exercise and consider body building to be my sport, not hard work, and I pursue it to feel good not to look good.

Lesley taught me how to eat clean from the very beginning in January 2013. This concept was the easiest and hardest of all to conquer. Once done, I stayed this way until 12 weeks out from comp, when Lesley told me to eat what I call 'squeaky FIT BUT FAT clean with NO exceptions.' 3 weeks out from competitions I wasn't losing all my body fat fast enough (and not looking lean enough at my bikini fitting), so Lesley asked me to then eat 'green clean'. The only supplements I took were protein powder, BCCAs, a multi vitamin and L Glutamine with no fat burners etc. This pre comp diet was liveable; I could still function and lead a normal life.

I not only enjoyed fantastic good health, enriched energy and vitality, wonderful focus towards all my life goals, but a figure change dramatic enough to win first place in my division in three figure competitions in Sept/Oct 2013 - (ANB, NABBA and INBA), three weeks in a row. y pre weight was 72.5kg , and finished at 58.5kg – so I lost 14 kg. My waist dropped from 92cm to 68.5cm and body fat from 27% to 18%. I would never have thought it possible when I first started the journey!

I could not have achieved my goals this year without Lesley's mentoring, encouragement, and personal guidance. My new goals for 2014 have been set – keep lean, polish my posing, build my physique, be prepared and ready for competition, plus enjoy the journey – so a big thank you to Lesley, I couldn't have done it without you!

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