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You Ask!

What are your go-to meals and snacks when you have a busy week ahead and don't have much time to spend in the kitchen?

Penny Lomas

Most of my weeks ahead are usually busy! So I try to be organised and spend a couple of hours preparing food at the weekend for the week. I keep it simple, like baked chicken breast in coconut oil and steamed greens; the fewer cooking instructions, the better! If I am really stuck for time, I'll grab a couple of cucumbers and some boiled eggs. I also make my kitchen staples and freeze them in batches for those late nights when I can't be bothered cooking up a feast. That way, I can just pull them out of the freezer and reheat without raiding the cupboard. My favourite staples are my beef and flaxseed meatballs and chicken stir fries. I also use the company Primal Foods from time to time if I know I have a hectic week, as they deliver cooked primal, paleo and contest-approved food to your door!

Skye Cushway

My life is extremely busy so I have to be prepared with my meals and snacks. Every Sunday I cook up my turkey, chicken, sweet potato and brown rice, and portion it up in zip-lock bags and store it in the freezer. I'm not a fan of frozen veggies but love fresh veggies so I'll chop up my raw green veggies and portion them up as well but leave them in the fridge. I also portion my nuts into single serves. At the moment I love eggplant, capsicum and garlic drizzled with balsamic vinegar and Italian herbs then roasted. I add that to my greens to change up my meals throughout the week. I make sure every night I have my meals ready to go for the next day. I even cook my rice porridge the night before so I'm all ready and have no chance of being unprepared. If I'm ever caught out without my prepared meals (hardly ever) I head straight to Asian restaurants and ask for steamed chicken and steamed veggies or stir fries, or Nandos for some chicken tenderloins and a salad. In most restaurants you can order steak, fish and salad/veggies to go, or if I can't find anything suitable, I go straight to the supermarket and grab some fruit, salad, chicken in bags (refrigerated meats section), or if worse comes to worst, I will get some flavoured tuna (I'm not really a fan). It is important for me to be eating right and fueling my body with great nutritious foods to keep up with my busy schedule! I live by this quote – 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.'

Lesley Maxwell

Eggs would have to be on top of the list for a go-to meal as they are so quick, easy to prepare and full of nutrients. I even have them raw sometimes in a shake!

Three poached eggs, a fresh green salad with avocado and a slice of sprouted grain bread will take around ten minutes to prepare and provide you with all three macronutrients including about twenty grams of protein.

I usually cook ahead so I don't get caught out. You can cook foursteaks and chicken breasts in the same time it takes to cook one ... then I just put a couple in the freezer or make meals in separate containers with steamed greens, brown rice or quinoa and freeze. These become my 'take-away' meals. It's all about being organised.

For snacks, I like organic almond spread with half an apple if I'm on the run or wild Alaskan salmon with a brown rice cake and cucumber.

Clean food is quicker to prepare than any other. I always say the less time you spend cooking and fussing over your food, the healthier it is! Keep it clean and simple!

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