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Two Of Us

CLIENT: My name is Naida George, I am 48 years young and married with two teenagers. I work in administration for a mining company and am a support worker for people with intellectual disabilities. After a lifetime of being skinny, I eventually put on a lot of weight. I had injuries and was frightened to exercise. At 183cm I was nudging a size 16 and unhappy. In January this year I lost 8kg but was just a smaller version of the shape I was before. I knew my low-carb intake wasn't sustainable and I needed advice on both this and exercise.

I decided to hire an online trainer after reading so many success stories. I was following the success of Kelly Klarich in the 2012 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Competition. Th is led me to Oxygen magazine where I got hooked on the idea of weight training and discovered Lesley Maxwell. Her zest for life shone out and I wanted some of it. She was more mature than others and I thought she would have a better understanding of a more mature client. Th e idea of phone calls and messaging her through the website appealed to me. My first attempts at some exercises were pretty feeble. My form wasn't great and my stamina was worse but nobody laughed me out of the gym so I went back.

My goal was to get healthy and reshape. I lost another 6kg and my pear shape has disappeared. Healthwise, Lesley's eating plan changed my life. Gone are the symptoms of IBS! I have learned so much about nutrition and exercise and because you have to log your exercise and food intake I have learnt to be accountable for my actions. Lesley has given me the tools to have faith in myself. I have had one or two trainers over the years but I have never felt any sense of control over my program and the nutritional knowledge and inspiration wasn't there. I am defi nitely signing up for another round with Lesley and Oui Fitness. I have unfinished business with my legs, abs to define and an arm wrestle to win with my son.

TRAINER: My name is Lesley Maxwell, I'm in my 50s and I have been a personal trainer for more than 10 years. My philosophy isn't just about weight loss but more about body shaping through developing lean body tissue and feeling vibrant regardless of age.

I have never actually met Naida face to face but we have been training together through my online training website, Oui Fitness. We always stay in close contact through messages, progress photos and phone calls.

As life changes so do the requirements of a training program and Naida's program changed along the way. We even included a customised 'hotel room' training plan which she did on holiday. Naida was a total beginner when it came to strength training and I vividly remember the day she performed her first full push-up, which was a day of celebration! It's been fantastic hearing the excitement in Naida's voice and reading her messages as she tells of not only losing weight but changing her body shape and becoming an overall happier person. Being introduced to a 'clean' way of eating was also a new concept. Previously, Naida thought she may have been suffering from IBS but now she has no symptoms, not to mention the fact she has lost centimetres in all the right places.

Naida's training program has been a success as she is consistent with her training and takes it all in her stride. Now armed with the knowledge of how clean eating can change your body and achieve fantastic results, I am certain that she will continue with her healthy lifestyle. I'm confident that Naida will keep improving and I am looking forward to taking her training to the next level.

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