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Carb Confusion - by Lesley Maxwell

Do you want to know my secret? It's a little method I use that has enabled me to stay in great shape all year round. It's something that keeps the soft body fat from my hips and butt. It's my 'One Carb @ a Time' philosophy which takes the guesswork out of the carb debate ...

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Get The Gap - by Lesley Maxwell

The phrase 'thigh gap' has been causing a bit of controversy lately. Believe it or not, I had never heard of 'that gap' until just recently. I was asked by a client: "How did you get that thigh gap?" I responded: " I have it?" I thought about it before I went home ...

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Can You Handle The Suspense - by Penny Lomas

Penny Lomas is an Australian health and fitness writer based in Melbourne. With extensive years in the fitness industry, Penny is a published fitness model and athlete, personal trainer and registered biosignature modulation practitioner specialising in hormone coaching, strength and conditioning ...

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