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Lesley Maxwell - I like to BRAGG!

Oxygen Mag Mar 2014 - Covergirl Secrets

Oxygen Mag Mar 2014 - CarbConfusion

Article by Lesley Maxwell

Oxygen Mag Feb 2014 - Covergirl Secrets

Oxygen Mag Feb 2014 - Get The Gap

Article by Lesley Maxwell

Oui Fitness/Nov 2013 - Journey To Get The Body I Want

Article by Julie Gooch

Oui Fitness/Nov 2013 - Fit But Fat

Article by Lisa Morby

Oxygen Mag Nov 2013 - You Ask!

Oxygen Mag Nov 2013 - Fit For Two

Article by Ildiko Browning

Oxygen Mag Nov 2013 - Tone Your Tush

Article by Lesley Maxwell
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